Staff Directory List

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Garcia, BrandonTraining Battalion ChiefOperations(970) 416-2654
Anduss, MurrayWarehouse Manager(970) 416-2086
Turnquist, AnnDirector of Administrative Services(970) 416-2872
Poncelow, BobCommunity Safety & Services Division Chief(970) 416-2871
Wolf, ChrisEmergency Management Specialist(970) 416-2859
Nelson, EricIT Manager(970) 416-2873
Greaves, GregHuman Resources & Policy Administrator(970) 416-2857
Maccarini, GeneTraining CaptainOperations(970) 416-2656
Nuckols, GarySupport Battalion Chief(970) 416-2862
Jaramillo, JoeAssistant Fire Marshal(970) 416-2868
Lynxwiler, JimFire Protection Technician(970) 416-2869
Montague, JimGIS and Applications Specialist(970) 416-2285
Housley, KevinTraining CaptainOperations(970) 416-2652
Durkin, MichaelEducation Specialist(970) 221-6916
Gavin, MikeOffice of Emergency Management Battalion Chief(970) 416-2878
Jaques, Michal Assistant Fire Marshal(970) 416-2863
Lee, MattIT Analyst(970) 416-4370
Makris, MaryEMS CoordinatorOperations(970) 416-2879
Noblett, MadelinePublic Information and Communications Officer(970) 416-2867
Regan, MarkIT Analyst(970) 416-2865