About Us

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About Us

Welcome to the City of Fort Collins Office of Emergency Management (OEM). The primary responsibilities of the OEM involve identifying methods for:

  • Disaster planning and mitigation
  • Developing training and education programs for preparedness, response and recovery
  • Providing efficient and timely emergency notification

These web pages are designed to be a reliable resource for information on our local hazards in Fort Collins such as flooding, tornadoes, wild land fires, severe winter storms, and severe thunderstorms. People who have learned what to do to prepare for emergencies before they occur are much more likely to avoid property loss, injury, or death during a disaster. Community safety through emergency preparedness is our goal.

Our Responsibilities


In order to prepare for a disaster, we have to identify potential hazards in our area that could affect our community, and then establish goals, policies and procedures for mitigating and preparing for those hazards before an event takes place.


Mitigation is the process of risk reduction through identifying those who live or work in high risk areas and, following this identification, designing systems that will reduce the impact of a disastrous event.


Training is designed primarily for the emergency responder. It is a process of developing skills to deal with a wide range of disaster emergencies. Through training, emergency responders learn about incident types and can practice their response to myriad events that can affect the community. The City also has several Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), which are made up of volunteer citizens who participate in monthly Emergency Response Training in order to better prepare their communities. 


Public Education is a primary concern. Our goal is for all residents to be able to answer the following questions: What do we do in an emergency? Where do we go? Who do we call for help? How can we better prepare ourselves? We know that the proper preparations and responses save lives, so it is important to offer comprehensive education about the events most likely to happen in our area.

Emergency Notification

Due to our busy lifestyles, there is no perfect way to reliably notify each member of the community of an imminent emergency. Therefore, we have identified multiple ways to inform the public of an imminent or occurring emergency. These include emergency announcements on television and radio stations, emergency alert systems, and updates through local media.