Water Supply

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Establish Your Emergency Water Supply

Water supply is vital for a fire department to protect a threatened house or extinguish a burning one. Even a Firewise house may not be able to survive a wildfire without an emergency water supply. Many jurisdictions require new developments to form or join a community or municipal water system. In these cases, the designed water systems have large storage facilities that generally meet the needs of firefighters and the community.

Water Supply1

Access to Your Emergency Water Supply

-Once you have established an emergency water supply, you must make sure firefighters can get to it.

If your water comes from a well, it is recommended that you have a gasoline powered generator so firefighters can operate your pump during a power failure.

-For any emergency water supply, the outlet valve must be easily seen and visibly signed from the nearest road. You can obtain specific outlet, valve design, and thread requirements by contacting Poudre Fire Authority at:

Poudre Fire Authority- Fire Prevention

Your Personal Emergency Water Supply

- A minimum water storage supply of 2,500 gallons is recommended for use in emergencies.

If you live in a home isolated from others, you may not have access to an adequate community water system. Cooperation with your neighbors can result in the development of a common emergency water storage facility to provide protection, not only for your home but for others. Finally, as a last resort, you may need to develop your own well.

Water Supply2

This information has been made available through the Colorado State Forest Service Firewise Program.  More information is available at: http://csfs.colostate.edu/wildfire-mitigation/protect-your-home-property-forest-from-wildfire/