WTC Artifact Journey

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This site will provide people a way to track Poudre Fire Authority firefighters' journey from New York back to Fort Collins, Colorado as they deliver a recovered I-Beam from the World Trade Center. This five foot long, 3,500 pound piece of steel was part of one of the World Trade Center (WTC) walls, and is one of the last pieces that is being given to a fire department. This piece of steel will reside with dignity at one of PFA's fire stations to honor the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11, 2001, including the 343 FDNY firefighters. As the PFA members tasked with bringing this artifact travel across America, updates on their location, how the trip is progressing, and pictures from their journey, will be shared here. The team will include four PFA members: Bryan Hanson, Len Lindholm, Jim Salisbury, and Jim Durkin. These individuals were part of the response to the WTC to help with recovery in the days and weeks after this tragic event.  The map will be updated on the half hour as they travel. 

The Poudre Fire Authority members of the Urban Search and Rescue Team, Colorado Task Force 1, were tasked and dispatched to the scene of the World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse shortly after the terrorist attack on our citizens and country on September 11th. The team worked there for several weeks to locate victims. The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund and State of New York’s Port Authority have donated this momentous artifact to the Poudre Fire Authority.  

This significant event will be tracked and updated from NYC to Fort Collins as the team is escorted by over 100 different Emergency Service Agencies, including Patriot Guard Riders and American Veterans, and will be celebrated and honored as the steel passes through each town along the way.

As the team approaches Fort Collins, there will be a procession led by Poudre Fire Authority to one of the fire houses where it will stay until a permanent memorial is built and made available to all who wish to honor those citizens who lost their lives and those who gave their all to save them.

Poudre Fire Authority would like to extend a special thank you to the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund and The State of New York Port Authority for providing us with this significant American treasure.

If you see the team as they travel please share your photos and thoughts with us using #PoudreFireWTCBeam on any social media site, or upload your photos directly to our Poudre Fire WTC Steel album at, or email or text your photos to

If you wish to learn more about the Colorado chapter of the Terry Fund, or donate to the Colorado chapter of the Terry Fund, please visit The Terry Farrell Firefighter's Fund of Colorado.